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Q:  What is your return and refund policy.

A: All sales are final.

Q: What is your policy on receipt of my purchase in a damaged condition?

A: I anticipate that you will receive your piece in good condition and undamaged from transport and it

will bring you joy to display. In the rare event that you should receive your purchase in a damaged

condition, please take pictures of the packaging as you received it and then pictures of the damage to

the painting/print and email them to me as soon as you are capable of doing so. (This last bit is

important to me to take this up with the carrier.) Depending on the damage that was sustained, repair

may be possible. Return will be arranged with you to return it to me for repair. In the case that this is

not possible, then you will be refunded the full amount of the purchase including shipping & handling.

Q: When and how will my order ship?

A: Shipping should occur within 10 days of receipt of the order. There are occasions when I will be away

from the studio for a period, hopefully gathering more reference material, and in that case, I will be in

touch with you to make you aware of the possible ship date. Shipping will be through either USPS or


Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes, however, you need to be aware that international shipping is an expensive proposition. You will

pay for the shipping cost upfront. Depending on your country’s tariffs, you will be responsible for the

shipping cost (paid upfront) plus an, sometimes expensive, import tariff on receipt. You should research the tariff costs that you can expect with your local government before making a decision to purchase.

Q: How do I care for my original painting over time?

A: Your painting surface is protected with at least two coats of a protective varnish. In general, a light

dusting without any cleaning chemicals is sufficient. If for some reason, you believe it needs something

more, a slightly damp cloth can be used to very lightly wipe the surface. Under normal circumstances

this should not be necessary. As with most physical objects, long term exposure to direct sunlight may

be damaging to the protective coating of the varnish and the underlying materials and should be


Q: Do you do commissioned works?

A: I am willing to consider commissioned works and can be explored by getting in touch with me at or calling 513-802-8206.

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